General FAQrmation on Isle Royale Travel

I.R.N.P. Entrance Fee Questions

  • How and when do I pay my entrance fee?
    • Contact the park service at or call them at 906-482-0984 for payment information.

Group Camping Questions

  • I and several friends are planning a camping trip to the island. Do we need to book in advance?
    • If you are planning on camping with a group of 7 or more, you will need to make an advanced reservation with the park for a group camping site, which are specially designed to accommodate large groups of campers.
  • How many people can we have in our group?
    • The maximum group size for campers/hikers permitted on Isle Royale is 10 individuals.
  • My group of 20 wants to go camping together. Is this possible?
    • Because the park has a maximum group size of 10, you will need to split your group into two separate travel parties with two separate itineraries. The park put this policy in place to minimize the impact groups have on the island and on other visitors' travel experiences.

Other Travel Questions

  • Is it possible to travel to Rock Harbor and back on the same day?
    • No,the Voyageur II travels to Rock Harbor on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and stays overnight, returning the following day. Because of this, it is not possible to travel to and from Rock Harbor on the same day.
  • Can I take one of your vessels to the island and return on the other?
    • Certainly! You may be dropped off by one vessel and picked up somewhere else (or the same place) by the other vessel.
  • If I am booked to return on the Sea Hunter, can I take the Voyageur II back from Windigo earlier in the day?
    • You may, provided there is space available.
  • Are there bathrooms aboard your vessels?
    • Both the Sea Hunter III and Voyageur II have men's and women's bathrooms available for our passengers.
  • Can I go onto the dock and check out the boats?
    • We ask that you not go onto the dock without permission during the hours the boats are docked. The crews actually live on the boats, they work long hard hours getting people to and from the island. Please respect their privacy. All questions can be answered in the office. NEVER get onto a boat or boarding stairs unless invited by a crew member.
  • When we get to Grand Portage can we set camp at the marina and get on the boat in the morning?
    • Camping in Grand Portage is only allowed at the campground/ RV park. It is located 3 miles from the Voyageur/Sea Hunter dock, down the hill from the trading post and gas station, RV sites,tent sites, showers and fire rings are available. There is NO CAMPING ALLOWED at Hat Point Marina.
  • I have my reservation, can I change my itinerary so I get picked up or dropped off at a different point or day than I booked?
    • You may be able to make a change, if space is available. There is a $10.00 charge per reservation, per change for this service.
  • Where and who do I pay for parking while I'm on the island?
    • GPIR does not own any land in Grand Portage. The Grand Portage Band of Chippewa owns the marinas and docking facilities for the boats to get people to and from Isle Royale. They collect the parking fee of $4.00 per day per vehicle, it is paid upon your return. When you return there will be an envelope on your windshield, take it into the marina office and the marina cashier will calculate and collect your parking fee.
  • We are staying at the Rock Harbor Lodge, does the boat crew bring our luggage to the lodge?
    • Rock Harbor Lodge has a bell staff, they will handle your luggage. You will need a tag on your baggage that has the name of the person that the lodge reservation was made in.
  • Are there seasons on fishing the inland lakes of isle royale?
    • The inland lake fishing seasons follow the same season dates the Michigan DNR sets for the great lakes. See the Michigan DNR fishing guide for details.
  • How can I have food or supplies delivered to me while hiking on the island?
    • If your package is being sent to either Windigo or Rock Harbor it can go US Mail. Address it to yourself either Windigo or Rock Harbor, care of Voyageur II, Grand Portage, MN 55605. Please be certain to put the delivery date in large letters on the package, be sure to check our schedule, the package will be delivered on the day of our outbound trips only. Please time you package to arrive at our post office the day before the boat departs, but not many days before, the post office is small and has no warehousing capabilities. You do not need to be present to receive the package although it is preferred. If you are not present it will be left on the dock. If you want to send a package to any of our other stops you will need to call us and arrange delivery.

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