Paddling the Isle Royale

Isle Royale National Park offers spectacular paddling opportunities throughout. The archipelago's glacial and volcanic formation left dozens of small islands, coves, creeks and inland lakes for paddlers to explore. In addition to the scenery, the park's light visitation (fewer visitors in a season than Yosemite sees in a day) allows visitors to see an astounding variety of wildlife in a relatively undisturbed habitat.

We have a limited number of canoes for rent if you don't have one or don't care to transport it. See the rates page for reasonable rental rates.

Highlighted Paddling Routes
  • The McCargoe Cove to Chippewa Harbor inland lakes chain, which offers a variety of camping while traveling through anywhere from 4-8 inland lakesacross the island, with relatively short portages in between.
  • The Chippewa Harbor to Malone Bay paddle, which can be done either inlandvia Lake Wittlesey, Wood Lake and Siskowit Lake (unbelievable Lake Trout fishing)or down Isle Royale's south shore.
  • The entire northeastern end of the island offers a variety of sheltered and openlake paddling opportunities, from McCargoe Cove to Belle Isle, Belle Isle to Rock Harbor orRock Harbor to Moskey Basin.
  • If you would rather take a shorter introductory trip to the park, a drop at Windigo willafford you the opportunity to paddle to either Grace Island or Beaver Island to camp, leaving you plenty of time to explore historic Washington Harbor for a day or two.
Passenger and kayak / canoe drop-offs and pick-ups are available at the following locations.
  • Windigo
  • McCargoe Cove
  • Malone Bay
  • Belle Isle
  • Rock Harbor
  • Daisy Farm
  • Chippewa Harbor