Isle Royale has much to offer it's visitors, perhaps too much for just one visit. If you have questions or need some advice to get all you can from your visit, we would be happy to answer questions and help you plan. Just call us during posted reservation times.

Backpacking Suggestions

Try the Feldtman Loop Trail, this is a nice trail for first time visitors or those who don't have the time to go across the island. Three or four days around and you can begin and end at Windigo, the shortest, fastest boat ride from anywhere to the island.

Paddling Suggestions

Try a water trail from McCargoe cove to Chippewa Harbor or Malone bay. Short portages, pristine lake and camp sites, and fishing opportunities abound. For planning help use this link,  to get portage distances and campground info

 If you want to try canoeing on the island but don't have your own or choose not to transport it, we have a limited number of aluminum canoes for rent.