General Information on Isle Royale Travel
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DAY TRIPS to Isle Royale

Voyageur II Rates (one way)

$71.00 Grand Portage to Windigo/ Windigo to Grand Portage
$85.00 Grand Portage to any designated same day stop beyond Windigo/Any designated same day stop beyond Windigo to Grand Portage
$53.00 - $66.00 Inter-island travel between various same day designated island stops, the higher rate is the trip from Rock Harbor or Daisy Farm to Windigo and from Windigo to Rock Harbor.
$48-$59 Inter-island travel for children under 16 years of age
free Any trip for children 3 years of age and under
$64 Child under 16 Grand Portage to Windigo/Windigo to Grand Portage
$77 Child under 16 Grand Portage to any same day stop beyond Windigo/same day stops beyond Windigo to Grand Portage

Canoes/Kayaks/Xtra Baggage etc.

$40 Canoes/Kayaks (One Way)
$40 100# Additional Luggage and Gear in excess of 40# allowed(One Way)
$20 Bicycles (One Way Transport purposes only, bicycles are not allowed to be ridden while on the island.)

Sea Hunter Day Trip only

$67 Day trip passenger over and back in the same day. ***NOT A CAMPER RATE***
$61 Day trip passenger under 16 only. ***NOT A CAMPER RATE***
FREE Children 3 years old or younger

Sea Hunter Rates (campers one way between Grand Portage and Windigo)

$71 Adult Camper One-way fare
$64 Children campers 3-15 years of age One-way fare
Free Children under 3 years of age

Freight Rates

$10.00 Package delivery (other than addressed U.S. Mail) can be delivered to existing U.S. Mail delivery sites only. For parcels larger than 20 lbs.or delivery to locations other than designated U.S. Mail sites prior arrangments and approval are needed. Contact us for rates and scheduling.
$1 per lb Bulk cargo/freight, (general freight not accompanied by a ticketed boat passenger): $1 per pound to all destinations.

Canoe Rental

$30 per day $175 week 17' aluminum canoe w/paddles and 2 PFDs.(Does not include transportation to or from the island)

Fuel Surcharge

$4-$8 $4 to or from Windigo $8 to or from stops beyond Windigo